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TODAY 2024-06-22 19:23 Standard

because of bad weather.

Operating Hours
Ticket closing
Operation closing time 30분minutes ago
sunset Time 00:00

* Operation may be prematurely closed, depending on weather/ticket conditions.

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Use InformationHow to make Songdo Sea Cable Car more convenient and enjoyable

How to Use

고객님의 안전과 즐거운 이용을 위한 준수사항을 안내합니다.

Terms and Conditions

The customer agrees to the terms and conditions of use by purchasing our boarding pass issued by us.
Cabin has eight passengers and can ride with other customers.
Round-trip customers must get off and board.
Please observe the guide line at the waiting hall and platform.
Depending on the weather, the cabin may be shaken and operation may be suspended in the event of bad weather.
If you have a weak body, pregnant woman, fear of heights, or other chronic disease, please refrain from boarding.
We are not responsible for accidents and loss of belongings caused by personal negligence.
Your boarding pass is invalid and will be recalled in the following cases.
- Forged or tampered boarding pass
- A ticket for small passengers used by large persons
- Other used boarding passes
Subject to Article 28 of the Orbital Transport Act, the Customer shall not.
- The entry of explosives etc. into a platform or cabin that would be harmful or offensive to other passengers
- The act of obstructing cabin operation
- The act of exposing a part of the body out of the cabin
- The act of disturbing other orders

Just keep this for me!This is a reminder for your safe and pleasant memories.


Please refrain from
doing anything that
could damage other customers.

- Smoking and excessive drinking before boarding
- High-pitched and violent behavior in cabins


The following items are
I can't get in there.

- Food, Electric Wheelchairs
- Other items that may be subject to safety or facility damage to the facility


Please respect your staff.

- Avoid foul language, vulgar language, or physical contact, even if there are mistakes or deficiencies.
- Please call the manager for suggestions.
(Main number: 051-247-9900)