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Cable cars
more fun!Busan Air Cruise

TODAY 2022-09-27 07:15 Standard

Cable car operation is

Base station status Boarding waiting number
Air Cruise 0061 ~ 0070
Crystal Cruise 0081 ~ 0090
Operating Hours
Ticket closing
Operation closing time 30분minutes ago

* Operation may be prematurely closed, depending on weather/ticket conditions.

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BookingYou can apply for online reservation and group reservation in advance.

Group Reservation

송도해상케이블카를 단체로 이용하시는 방법

Group use guide
단체사진 단체사진 단체사진
Group-General Group-Student Travel agency
more than 20 people more than 20 people more than 20 people

※ Call : 051-220-7911 (Tourism article inquiry 051-257-1300)
     Please contact us by phone for detailed charges and registration of travel agency.
※ Parking is provided for 1 hour during the week and 2 hours during weekends when parking on a large bus.
Phone reservation required three days before group visit
Group Package Guide
단체패키지 단체패키지

Group Geopark Package

Geological Park Explanation and Global Time Travel!

Dadaepo layer, which is selected for the 150th Korea's geologic nose.
Songdo Peninsula, a famous landmark in Busan! Why don't you go on a global time trip with a geostrater?
※ Inquiry   051)888.3638
Visit group information
01 To make a group reservation
02 Settlement and issuance of
the ticket office on the same day
03 Check boarding pass/passenger
Group Bus Parking Guide
※ Location : Namhang Parking Lot (40 Chungmu-daero Road, Busan Metropolitan City)
※ Service Charge : For free
※ If you want to check it on mobile, you can zoom in by touching it.
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